Crafts By Paula

I am a mom looking to earn a little extra spending cash while making the lives of other moms a little more comfortable and colorful. I learned a lot about sewing and children while getting my degree in Family and Consumer Science (Home Economics) with a minor in Early Childhood Development, and so I figured I would put my skills to use.

I make custom baby accessories, especially Asian-style baby carriers (also known as ABC carriers or Mei Tai carriers). These carriers can be worn on the front, back or side and can hold up to 50 pounds of weight comfortably.


I also make infant sleep sacks. These fuzzy little pouches fit snugly around your little one to keep them safely warm. They're impossible for children to pull over their faces or get wrapped around in, so they make the perfect sleepable blanket.


Satisfied Owners

"I love the carrier.It's the only one so far that feels comfi and doesn't hurt my back.

My son loves to be carried and now I'm able to do that even he's 19 lbs.I can breastfeed him while I'm walking and nobody sees it.It's also very easy to put on and even to take it off without having to wake him up. And it looks so much cuter than all those plain and expensive ones."

Michelle C.
Oakland, CA

"I love my new baby carrier! I love the style and sturdy, cute fabric. My three little boys were all 9 lbs. when they were born. My first two outgrew regular baby packs within months and put a lot of strain on my back.

This carrier is so versatile. I can distribute the baby's weight evenly and tailor it to fit my body. My 3 month old doesn't hurt my back, even weighing in at 17 lbs. The added bonus is that I can carry him backpack style, as I chase my other little guys around the park.

I highly recommend this carrier to anyone with sweet chubby babies like mine!"

Susanna A.
Redwood City, CA

Carrier Details
Pouch Width: 17 inches
Pouch Length: 22 inches
Shoulder Straps: 68 inches each
Waist Straps: 38 inches each

100% Cotton Canvas (machine washable cold water)
Extra padding in shoulders
Reversible (one side is solid the other is a pattern)
Pocket on patterned side ($10 extra)
Double back-stitched for added safety