This brief video demonstrates the three most common ways to carry your child in a Mei Tai baby carrier: on your front facing forward, on your front facing backward, and on your back facing forward.

The Most Common Carry: Tummy-To-Tummy

  1. Tie the lower straps around your waist and let the top straps fall to the ground. It will look like an apron at this point.
  2. Pick your child up and have them give you a monkey hug (where their legs are wrapped around your waist). Their bottom should be just above the mei tai.
  3. Pull the mei tai up and over your child's back and throw the top straps over your shoulders.
  4. Criss-cross the straps tightly behind your back and pull them around your waist. Tie them snugly behind your child's back.
  5. The entire process is demonstrated in the video above - watch it carefully if you have any questions.

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