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Aztec Pink and Orange: 4 in stock

Baby Blue Fleece: 4 in stock

Black with Pink Orbs: 4 in stock

Blue Paisley: 3 in stock

Blue with yellow Ducks: 2 in stock

Bold Navy Stripes: 2 in stock

Bold Yellow Fleece: 1 in stock

Brown Aztec : 3 in stock

Brown with off-White flowers - SOLD OUT

Bugs: 1 in stock

Butterflies and Daisies: 4 in stock

California: 2 in stock

Colorful Stripes: 4 in stock

Confetti Stripe: 4 in stock

Customer-Provided Fabric: 1 in stock

Diagonal Magenta Strip: 4 in stock

Dots with Flowers: 4 in stock

Elephants: 2 in stock

frog and duck: 2 in stock

Green Khaki Stripes: 4 in stock

Green Paisley: 4 in stock

Khaki Stripes: 4 in stock

Lime Floral: 3 in stock

Lollipop: 4 in stock

Magenta Fleece: 1 in stock

Marigold Indian Print: 4 in stock

Pastel Diamonds: 4 in stock

Pink and Green Paisley - Intricate: 4 in stock

Pink and Green Paisley - Simple: 3 in stock

Pink Circles: 4 in stock

Pink Fleece: 4 in stock

Pink Tonal Flowers: 4 in stock

Puppies and Hydrants: 2 in stock

Purple Dots: 2 in stock

Red Fleece: 4 in stock

Sandy Teal Stripe: 4 in stock

Shapes - SOLD OUT

Solid Canvas: 4 in stock

Sparkle Flowers: 2 in stock

Tiny Squares: 4 in stock

White Fleece: 4 in stock

White Flowers: 1 in stock

Yellow with colored dots: 5 in stock

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Mei Tai Baby Carrier
Mei Tai Baby Carrier

Mei Tai carriers are of an ancient design and are extremely durable. You can view our demo video to learn more about them. These cost $55 each.

Carrier Details
Pouch Width: 17 inches
Pouch Length: 22 inches
Shoulder Straps: 68 inches each
Waist Straps: 38 inches each

100% Cotton Canvas (machine washable cold water)
Extra padding in shoulders
Reversible (one side is solid the other is a pattern)
Pocket on patterned side
Double back-stitched for added safety
For an additional $10, I will add a matching pocket to the patterned side

Infant Sleep Sacks

These snuggly zip-up pouches are perfect for your little one. Safe and warm, they are perfect sleepable blankets because they make moving your sleeping baby much simpler - the blanket travels with them. They come in two sizes - for newborns and for older infants. These cost $30 each.

The fine print: Shipping & handling is $10.00 for most orders, although you're welcome to come and pick it up if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area (I'll refund your shipping and handling when you pick up - just tell me that you want to pick it up in the note at the end of the PayPal transaction process). All orders are custom-made and take one week to complete.